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Catching Pies was started in 2008 as a  music collaboration between Ken Olsen and Brian Whittaker, the two main members of the band.  The object of the band was to write, produce and record music for the television and movie industry.  Sometimes they just write and record stuff for themselves!

In 2009 the band release their first CD on the B.A.A.A.D. Records Music Label and the CD is currently selling well on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Ken Olsen is a Canadian actor who has hosted numerous television shows and appeared in feature films.  Brian Whittaker is an entrepreneur in information and communications.  Ken and Brian started playing together in 1980 with a group of friends in a band called Seth Tucker and the Uptown Dudes (not a country band) and had a one-hit wonder with I Hate Country Music.

In "The Music" section of this site you can hear the tracks on We Like It Hot and there is also a section titled "The Early Years" where we've posted their music from the 80's.

The boys have also recorded a song called, "I Wanna Be A Firefighter" with the proceeds going to the Fallen Firefighter Funds in both Canada and the United States.

The band is back in the studio recording a new album tentatively scheduled to be released in the fall of 2014

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The band is surprised and greatful for the incredible support they've received from fans all over the world! I Love The Way You Move has lead the pack in download sales followed by Will You Miss Me and Please Don't Taser Me. Thank you for your support!

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